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Contextual Targeting Platform

Contextual Targeting means you can target people based on the context of what they search for, shop for or even where they visit. Wanna serve ads to moms? Contextual Targeting will create profiles based on where people frequent, so if a female person goes to the school twice a day, grabs a coffee, heads to the grocery store, then stops to pick up a toy, she might be a mom (or an Aunt). Either way we can serve her ads.

How does Contextual Targeting work?

Contextual Targeting takes keyword marketing to a whole new level. Consumers who are more likely to engage with a contextually relevant ad. This means you waste less ad spend and you can even choose which apps, websites or platforms you want to serve your ads on. Serve ads based on the context of what they are looking at, when they are looking at it, and where they are looking at it. We can even serve ads based on Weather Targeting which means you can serve ads during forecasted weather conditions. This can come in real handy if you sell car washes, sunblock, umbrellas or ponchos

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