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Facebook Ads and Why Your Business Needs Them

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Here at 7Social, it is no secret that we love Facebook as a platform for advertising. We truly believe that you must have been sleeping under a rock if you aren't using social media platforms to put your message in front of your customers. Organic reach is declining, but paid reach on Facebook and Instagram is still producing incredible results. As Facebook transforms into Meta, the results are only on the rise, and we want to help you achieve those results!

Why Should You Be Using Facebook (Meta) Advertising

Even if your target consumer doesn't own a smartphone, they're probably already using one of these applications. 2.7 billion people use Facebook each month, and there is no doubt that your customers are there and spend a lot of time scrolling. Using the information they've gleaned about its consumers, Meta is able to provide you with more targeted advertising campaigns. Our customers have seen growth month over month by continuing to advertise on both Facebook & Instagram. They offer some of the finest CPMs available today when used properly, with outstanding copy and a compelling call to action.

Facebook’s Audience Targeting is Top Notch

In terms of targeting, Facebook's capabilities are out of this world. To narrow your audience down, you may use criteria like hobbies, habits, and demographics like age ranges and relationships as well as geographic region or language. You can even target your rivals' supporters in a special event.

With Facebook you may layer and combine targeting skills to exclude those who aren't in your target market, making Facebook's tools superior to those of any other platform. This is significant! Quality is more important than quantity. Instead of merely random visitors, you should be seeking Facebook users who are potential consumers – people who are inclined to make a purchase from you

Facebook will show your ads to those who are most likely to find them interesting. You may further focus your ad distribution on Facebook's Meta Business Suite's three audience selection options. These technologies are known as Core Audiences, Lookalike Audiences, and Custom Audiences and are quite effective.

Using Core Audiences, you may control where your advertising is delivered. You may design your target audience to be as broad or as limited as you like by using location, behavior, demographics, and relationships. You may target Custom Audiences based on your own CRM, or you can place a pixel on your website or an SDK on your app to reroute visitors. Lookalike Audiences, on the other hand, enable you to target people who resemble your present consumers. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

At 7Social, we can help your audience grow even further! Once the leads arrive, we enter them into your CRM for further contact via many different advertising and marketing channels. Many firms will provide you with leads but will not assist you in converting those leads into revenue. Our appointment setters understand how to turn your leads into paying clients.

Facebook Provides Easily Trackable Data is at Your Fingertips

Through Meta Ads Reporting, Facebook enables you to generate, edit, export, distribute, and schedule reports on ad performance depending on a set of characteristics you provide. You can receive the information you need to run your campaigns and set periodic emailed reports in Ads Reporting. You may also generate bespoke reports from scratch, as well as tweak them with breakdowns, filters, sorting, and other complex features.

Assume you want a weekly report on how your advertising is doing with specific categories of individuals. Ads Reporting allows you to choose which audiences and ad metrics appear in the report. You'd also utilize Ads Reporting to build the recurring report, which you'd schedule to be delivered to yourself and your coworkers on a weekly basis.

Facebook also has a technology called a pixel that allows it to track activities visitors do after arriving at your site via an ad. The Facebook pixel may track a variety of behaviors, such as adding something to a basket, entering payment information, or reading content. You'll then be able to view this data later to determine whether anything is preventing your clients from converting along the process. At 7Social, we can take away all the guesswork by setting up the Facebook Pixel for you.

Facebook Ads Increase Audience Engagement

Engagement, in general, refers to any activity taken by an audience. It might be anything from clicking a link to leaving a comment to seeing a photo or video to giving a post a thumbs up.

As a consequence, post engagement on Facebook advertising refers to your audience responding to your ad by liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking on it.

We could enumerate a million benefits of Facebook advertising, but if no one clicks on your ads, there's no need to continue running them. People, thankfully, do click on Facebook advertisements. In fact, 78% of consumers say they found items on Facebook. So, you're aware that Facebook advertising is advantageous for businesses like yours and an excellent way to reach out to new clients.

Consider your Facebook presence to be your company's second website - another digital extension of your company. As with your website and any offline presence, some people may naturally lose interest in communicating with you over time. Whatever your primary goal, Facebook advertising always has the important secondary advantage of increasing your following base and providing your existing followers something fresh to think about. If funds are available, campaigns targeting only existing followers can be performed on a regular basis.

Facebook Offers Easily Customizable Ad Objectives