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Social Media & Location-Based Marketing that actually works!

Helping small businesses, brands, agencies & non-profits reach new heights!

Welcome to 7Social
We are a full service marketing boutique that incorporates an omni-channel marketing approach by utilizing the latest technologies available in the marketplace. Watch the video to learn more.


If you are looking to market your business chances are that we have a solution that will deliver you the results you want to achieve for a fraction of our competitors prices. As a full service digital marketing agency we have custom campaign solutions available to work in every market and in every industry. If you have a product or service, we can help you sell it!​ We've found that the best way to get started is with location based geo-targeting. We've seen it work in each of the following industries. Watch the video to the right to learn more about how it works.

  • Automotive Sales & Service

  • Real Estate Sales

  • Residential and Commercial Solar Installation

  • Hospitality Businesses ( Restaurants, bars, food trucks, etc...)

  • Political Campaigns

  • Entertainment Venues

  • Event Marketing

  • Business to Business Marketing (B2B)

  • Business to Consumer Product Marketing (B2C)

  • Artists & Entertainers

  • CBD & Cannabis Stores (Digital or Brick & Mortar)


Geo-Fencing Marketing Explainer Video

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Social Media Marketing

With hundreds of various attributes to choose from, we will help you create a list of your ideal customers and then market to them where they spend the most time, on social media! Let us create your perfect customer avatar and watch the results roll in.

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Paid Media

If you are looking to get your company or product in front of your ideal customer then chances are you will want to include paid search, YouTube preroll and other paid media tactics into your marketing mix. 

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CRM Retargeting

If you've been in business for a while, chances are you have a pretty good size client list. With CRM retargeting we upload your client list into our system, match them up with our data profiles and serve ads to them based on the desired result of the campaign.

Magnifying Glass

Our programmatic display offering includes geographic, both keyword & contextual search, site & CRM retargeting as well as programmatic video.

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Media Buying

Over The Top & Connected TV is available through internet applications connected by Smart TVs or OTT devices like Apple TV and Roku. Because they are powered by internet-enabled devised we can use these platforms to reach your target audience even on the TV through mass distribution.

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Target users who visited your website after they leave. You can even have different campaigns based on their site activity. This is the ultimate tactic to get the most value out of your other marketing efforts. 

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Using location based targeting you can reach your audience in real-time when they are most likely to take action. Find your perfect customer based on the locations they visit. This is a great way to capture customers from your competitions marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing

In the digital world many people spend just as much time in their inbox as they do with their families. Let our team deploy a single or even a multi email campaign for your business. We can use your list or even curate one for you.

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Free Marketing Audit

Let our team of experts take a look at your website, social platforms and ad strategy to see where we can help you fill in the gaps. Many times we find small tweaks that our clients can implement for free to increase their ROI on marketing dollars.

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