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Drew here, the visionary force behind 7Social, where innovation fuels success in the fast lane. With over $6M+ in ad campaign mastery in the automotive industry and a passion for propelling brands to new heights, we're not just a marketing agency—we're your partners in automotive triumph. Buckle up, because at 7Social, your success is our destination.


At 7Social, we're not just a marketing agency; we're the driving force behind your automotive triumphs. Meet the passionate minds behind the wheel—led by Drew Eubanks, our visionary navigator.


Embark on a journey with 7Social, where innovation meets impact. With over $6M+ in successfully managed ad campaigns, we don't just create campaigns; we engineer experiences that resonate. Our forte? A 7-day Meta Marketing extravaganza that captivates, converts, and catapults your automotive dealership into the fast lane.


Fueling your success is our mission. Picture attention-grabbing ads seamlessly boosted through the business manager—your ticket to the forefront of automotive visibility. We specialize in crafting compelling calls to action, steering potential customers to send direct messages that spark conversations.

Enter our BDC (Business Development Command), where precision meets personalization. Responding to leads with targeted saved responses, we guide customers through a conversion funnel tailored to their interests. The result? Appointment setting prowess with a conversion rate soaring beyond 50%.

Our success isn't just measured in campaigns but in relationships. With 90% of our business stemming from repeat clients or referrals, we're not just partners; we're advocates for your brand's ascendancy.


Innovators by nature, we're not content with the status quo. Introducing our latest creation—the "Marketplace Listing Tool." A chrome extension designed to streamline the listing process for car salespeople on Facebook Marketplace. Because at 7Social, we believe in propelling you forward, one innovative tool at a time.


Expect more than just numbers. Expect a dedicated team committed to making your automotive journey exhilarating and successful. Let's drive results together.


Ready to accelerate? Buckle up with 7Social!

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