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My VIP Appointment

Ask any business owner if they want more leads. The answer will undoubtedly be yes. That goes without saying. However, many business owners and sales consultants struggle with generating leads. Most aren't even sure where to start on this journey. Relying on word-of-mouth advertising will only get you so far, and many myths exist about scaling your business. Some people say you must have a website in order to scale, while others say you need to buy a list for email marketing. Still, others insist posting to multiple social media platforms regularly is the answer.

This list goes on and on, but you get the picture. All of these myths are true to some extent, but most business owners and sales consultants will consistently fail in the execution of the tasks making these myths a reality requires.

It's not about having a website but having a website that converts. Email marketing is great, but it has to convert. Social media posts work when they are done right, but most don't convert.

We suggest turning to the experts. My VIP Appointment will take the guesswork out of lead generation for you. We will handle it all!

What You Get with My VIP Appointment

Landing Page Creation

When it comes to converting a website’s visitors from spectators to customers, your landing page is everything! It's the first thing your customers will see, and if it's bland, generic, or lacks any information about your business, chances are you've already lost the battle to convert!

On the other hand, our custom-built landing pages are proven to work. We focus on a few major hooks that will match the marketing message we have set with you. The landing page will have your phone number and an option to book an appointment for whatever service you are offering.

Marketing Program

When it comes to conversion, the right marketing is key. In order to rest easy, you want to know you have a marketing expert in your corner. That’s where we come in!

Our parent company, 7Social, is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in lead generation and conversion in the automotive, solar, hospitality industries, and more. Using a mixture of social media & Programmatic Display Marketing, this omnichannel approach delivers great results for our clients.

Leads Pushed to CRM

Many companies have their own CRM that they require their customers to use. We are able to integrate with most CRM systems out there at this time.

Lead Conversion

We know that many of our clients have trouble converting the lead to an appointment, and that is why we have options where we will set the appointment for you. Our in-house appointment setters will set the appointment, confirm and follow up for you.

Web7 SiteID

This is like callerID for the landing page. When someone goes to your landing page, our system will automatically match up their device ID or IP to our database and provide lead information for you. This can include home addresses, emails & phone numbers.

Site & CRM Retargeting

We can also place another pixel on your landing page that will take the device ID or IP address and use it for retargeting those clients with more ads until they convert to a lead. We can do the same for your customer list by uploading the data from your CRM to our system.

Learn More

Let our work speak for itself by viewing some of the sample landing pages we’ve created using the links below!

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