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Taking Facebook Advertising to the Next Level for Automotive Dealerships Part One: The Basics

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In a previous article, we discussed advertising your business on Facebook with little to no budget. Facebook is one of the most effective social media platforms, with over 221.6 million members in the United States alone, and it provides both organic and paid promotion opportunities for your brand.

Advertisers may use Facebook advertising to accomplish a variety of marketing objectives, such as boosting brand recognition and improving website conversions. As said, there are both free and paid advertising options. However, your best alternative is to choose the paid way since this will enable your advertisements to obtain greater traction. You may acquire even more traction by enabling 7Social's specialists to perform all the work for you.

While this article is geared mainly toward automotive dealerships, all businesses can take what is written and apply it to their own inventories and business models. Social media, after all, is for everyone!

Our Packages

At 7Social, we have five packages specifically focused on Facebook Advertising!

Facebook Page Creation, Setup, and Management

Starting out at $995 per month, our experts will assist with the development, configuration, and administration of your Facebook page. If you already have a Facebook page, we will assess it and make any required adjustments to improve its performance. Our staff will publish on your behalf to expand your audience, but a budget for advertising is still recommended. It’s perfect for starting your road to brand recognition.

This package includes the following items.

Level One

The Level One package generates about 80 to 150 new leads. This package starts at $2500 per month and contains everything included in the "Page Creation, Setup, and Management.

It also includes the following items.

Level Two

This bundle begins at $5,000 per month and includes everything available in the Level One package.