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Taking Facebook Advertising to the Next Level for Automotive Dealerships Part Two: Advanced Tactics

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

If you’ve recently read part one of our series on using Facebook for advertising your dealership, then you know it is a powerful tool for getting your cars out into the world and converting your audience into customers. Now we want to go more in depth about two kinds of Facebook Ads to help you on your way. These ads are Automotive Inventory Ads and Automotive Offer Ads.

Automotive Inventory Ad

Let’s start with the first. Why are automotive inventory ads so important? Unlike dynamic ads, inventory ads are designed to target and retarget car buyers who are actively looking for a new or used vehicle. The automotive inventory ad uses a pixel on your website, or SDK in your app to track users and see what actions they are taking and what kinds of vehicles they are looking at.

Facebook's automotive inventory advertisements allow you to automatically market your full car inventory to the most appropriate audience, regardless of device. Depending on the ad placements you pick, your auto inventory advertising might display on Facebook or Instagram.

There are four steps to creating an automotive inventory ad and we will be going over all four here.

Benefits of Automotive Inventory Ads

Quick and Easy One-Time Setup.

Automotive inventory advertising are automated, efficient, and customizable; you just need to set up your campaign once to market your whole inventory, as opposed to creating each ad individually.

Target Potential Customers Who are the Most Likely to Make a Purchase.

With automotive inventory advertisements, you can automatically deliver ads with real-time availability and price to individuals based on the automobiles they indicate a desire to buy.

Reach Potential Customers Across Several Devices.

Your advertisements will display on web and mobile, independent of the device that was used to view your goods first.

Remove the Frustration Caused by Delayed Mobile Page Loading Times.

When you employ automotive inventory advertisements with a Facebook destination, you will link customers to a mobile-optimized car detail page that has all the pertinent information about your vehicles instead of waiting forever for a desktop ad to load.


To get started, you will first need to create a catalog of your inventory! Catalogs are a great way to show off the vehicles you have for sale, and you can even use them to establish vehicle sets to better target customers, such as a set that shows nothing but trucks!