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Messenger and Your Business Inbox: a Crash Course

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Messenger is an integrated messaging feature on your company’s Facebook Page. It is comparable to texting, but you do not have to pay for each message or platform usage. The ability to communicate helps your company to build connections and promote trust. According to a recent survey commissioned by Facebook, 69% of respondents claimed that the ability to send a message to a company enhanced their confidence in the brand.

Benefits of Using Messenger Business Inbox

Connect With Customers Where They Already Are

Approximately 76% of smartphone users interact using mobile messaging. A digital presence on Messenger will facilitate communication with your company.

Communicate Anywhere, Anytime

Activate messaging when you are prepared to accept and reply to messages. With computer and phone messaging features, you will never miss a potential client’s correspondence.

Stay Organized

It can be challenging to manage everything, from fulfilling orders to answering customer requests. Facebook has created messaging tools to help you stay organized, increase productivity and never miss a sale.

Expand Your Reach With Advertising

Messenger supports the delivery of approximately 20 billion messages every month between people and organizations throughout the globe. To reach new customers and improve your reach, promote your company directly on Messenger.

Messenger Business Inbox Features

Messenger enables the monthly delivery of over 20 billion messages between people and organizations across the globe. Promote your company on Messenger to attract new customers and grow your reach. Using the Business Inbox as part of Facebook’s new Meta Business Suite lets you do even more.

Switch Accounts

You may simply switch between your profile and business Pages in Messenger by long-pressing your profile picture or choosing Switch account from the Me menu. This means you can easily switch between personal and business accounts.


Receive alerts on your phone whenever your company receives a new message. In Messenger’s settings, you may also temporarily or permanently silence alerts.

Read and Respond to Comments

Receive alerts when your company receives a text message on your mobile device. You may also temporarily or permanently silence alerts in Messenger’s settings.

Organize Your Inbox and Manage Customer Info

When you open a message, you will see the customer’s name, picture, location, and further information. You may add labels to the customer’s profile and data such as email and phone number from this Page. You may also write private remarks about the consumer for you and others who administer your Page.

These capabilities may assist you in organizing your customer information, allowing you to flag communications as unread or to remind you to follow up later. You may also transfer messages to your Spam or Done folders, making it simpler to communicate with them in the future.

How to Create a Label